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Butcher Boxes

If you are looking to purchase some of our products in larger quantities at a discount then our butcher boxes will be perfect for you. Check below for our current boxes.

1/8 Cow Butcher Box

Our 1/8 box contains many of the popular cuts that you would find in our store. This box is a bit smaller then the custom quarters if you still want to stock up on meat but have less freezer space. 

Here is what is included: 

-2 Tenderloin Steaks

-2 T-Bone Steaks

-2 Striploin Steaks

-2 Ribeye Steaks

-2 Sirloin Steaks

-1 Blade Roast

-1 Sirloin Tip Roast

-1 Brisket

-2 packages of Short Ribs

-2 packages of Soup Bones

-3 packages of Fast Fry Steaks

-5 packages of Stew Beef

-15 packages of Ground Beef

Each item comes frozen in a vacuum sealed package. Box is approximately 50 pounds of meat and costs $850. Please no substitutions. If you would like a different selection of cuts you can order a custom quarter. Please contact us via the contact page if you are interested in ordering.

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