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Side of Beef

If you have a chest freezer and enjoy beef meals a couple times a week, your best value is to order a whole, half or quarter cow. 

For most families a quarter beef will last about a year and will take up approximately half of an average size chest freezer. 

Have your steaks and roasts cut how you like them

One advantage to ordering a side of beef is being able to have the beef cut to your specifications. You are able to pick how much of your beef you would like in steaks, roasts or ground. The product is then packages in individual cuts, vacuum sealed and frozen in order to seal in the freshness.

For example:

-you can pick between having t-bone steaks, having the t-bones separated into striploins and tenderloins or a mixture of all 3

-you can pick between short ribs (cut parallel into the rib with a single bone through the middle) or braising ribs (ribs cut across the bone)

-many of the different cuts have the option of either steaks, roasts, fast fry or ground; giving you the option to get more of your favourite type of beef

Dressed weight

When ordering a side of beef the beef is priced by the dressed or hanging weight. This means the sides of beef are weighed when they are first hung to age. During the aging process some of the weight is lost by moisture loss. Then when the meat is butchered the bones and fat is removed. So the overall weight of the product you receive ends up being about 60-65% of the dressed weight. 


Our current pricing for sides of beef is: $6.50/lb for a quarter, $6.00/lb for a half or $5.75/lb for a whole beef based on the dressed weight. Our beef usually has an average hanging weight of 200-275lbs for a quarter or 400-550lbs for a half. In order to reserve your spot we require a deposit of $100 per quarter. Your balance will be calculated from the actual weight, minus your deposit and is due upon pickup. 

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