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We are the de Boer family. Together, we started this market in 2020 with the hope to bring the consumer closer to their food. Our farm is primarily dairy cattle as well as some cash crop. We started diversifying in order to grow food for ourselves and have since expanded to make local products more available to people like you!


Our Chicken

Our chicken is pasture raised right here on the farm throughout the summer time. The chicks start out in a brooder where they live for the first three weeks. This helps to keep them warm and out of any weather until they start to grow their feathers. From there they are moved out into our ROVA chicken tractor. This is an automated "barn" that holds up to 300 chickens at a time and provides the chickens with feed and water. The ROVA moves automatically up to 15 times a day providing our chickens with fresh grass to snack on multiple times a day. Our chickens are raised in small batches of 250 birds at a time and in 2023 we aim to raise 4 batches of chicken. 


Our Beef

Our beef is primarily angus cross beef. These animals start out being raised alongside our dairy calves. Once they get older they are sorted out and raised together in a group pen. The beef animals have access to pasture all summer and are fed a balanced diet of grains and grasses year round. 

Our Produce

We grow a small variety of produce that is available mid summer and into the fall. This includes: sweet corn, potatoes, garlic, pumpkins and squash. 


de Boers Market

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